I am married to a Disabled Veteran and have worked with him on emotions and releasing as a result of his PTSD. I have also worked with the disabled community helping them start and grown their own businesses with their books. It’s a bit tricky for me to summarize all of the elements of myself but I hope this page will help you learn more about who I am at the core. When you work with me you will see that I don’t do alot of phone calls. I suffer from EMF induced headaches so I use writing as my tool of choice. xoxo



Carla Wynn Hall

Owner/Founder Idea Mastery System

I am a mother of three incredible sons, Logan,Joshua and Nickolas and I have three smart and amazing grandchildren Lilly, Chloe and Alex. My passion is in writing to the soul of my readers. I am a former Litigation Paralegal and Marketing Manager but primarily I am a “Creative Entrepreneur”. I developed my signature system “Idea Mastery Leadership” to support women in tapping into their creative genius zone to full utlize their power to develop ideas that sustain them financially and emotionally.

I am also an author of 2 personal books and “The Soul Code for Women”. I am currently finishing up my latest book Untapped Quantum Human Potential which will focus with clarity, upon the many ways humans can uplevel their live and rise above a mundane and painful human existence. I have co-authored over 10 books with amazing women in compilations I created and published through Soul Inspired Books, LLC. Seeing the healing that comes from writing, gives me hope for the future.




Carla has helped me write and publish all of my books including my new book “Snowmass Angel” where I write about my life and my new adventures. I have cerebral palsy so her help was special to me. I met Carla Wynn Hall about 5 years ago when I was just working on my book “If Dan Can Shred: You Can Too”. Thank you Carla.

Danielle P. Coulter

Author, Athlete and Inventor, Dan Can Shred

 Examples of My Creative Writing Skills

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