This is a 10 Week Master Class for

LifePreneurs with a Little Hint of Magic! 

Welcome to the Idea Alchemy Lab 10 Week Master Class and Interactive

Mind Flow Workshop! Join us today for $597 or 2 Pay of $300


The Idea Alchemy Lab is a Process that allows you to free your mind, for just a moment, from any mundane thoughts of failure, to focus only on the magic of using your heart and mind to take an idea and turn it into money. Alchemy is a Science know to have pre-dated chemistry and has been spoken of in the realm of magic. 

WARNING! This 10 Week Master Class and Interactive Workshop is NOT for you if you are unable to believe in the unseen power of thought transmutation. Believe there is MAGIC in your IDEA.

But! It is 100% for you if you have tried everything else, paid $1000’s of dollars for coaches who left you confused, and you believe that there is power inside the human mind. Join me on a 10 Week Adventure of learning and fun. 

Sign up Now Pay in Full $597 (Free Bonus Prize)                    Make 2 Payments of $300 Instead

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Welcome to the Idea Alchemy Lab! Although I use magical terms, this is a 10 week master class to help you have fun while writing a book, developing a program and learning the basics of business.

Join me for a 10 week journey into thought transmutation. Welcome to the Idea Mastery Program!!

Carla Wynn Hall

Idea Mastery Coach, Idea Mastery Coaching

Sign Up Today for $597

Sign up today and pay in FULL to Receive A SPECIAL BONUS!

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Get a 5 Page Website and a Full Social Media Graphic Set $1000 Value when you use the button below to sign up for the 10-Week Master Class and Pay In Full. You receive your bonuses after week 3. Joshua Mancil, Idea Alchemy Instructor, will assist you in setting up a new WordPress Website or Redesign your current website. These bonuses are only if you pay in full so “Let’s Go”.

Yes I am ready to pay in Full $597 to get the Bonuses! 

Take some Time to Pay! 

We understand the money issue because we developed this enchanted program just for YOU. Take advantage of our gracious offer of 2 payments of $300.00. First payment is due when the program starts and the final payment is due at the end of 6 weeks.  We hope you enjoy your lessons and formulas, The classes are held inside of a Facebook group so you get to meet your classmates.

Pay $300 Now and $300 in the 6th Program Week

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