Millions of Voices as One!



Equals Monumental Results!

The first principle of IDEA Mastery is that Intuitive Decisive Empowered Action leads to Monumental Results! Just look at the great #marchonwashington that happened on the 21st of January, 2017. Millions of women converged in different places all over the world to make their voices heard. They marched for many reasons but the one resounding fact is that they had an IDEA, gave it life and let it loose in the world.

Many of my friends participated in various marches all over the world. Many of them have already written their stories. I would like you to really consider documenting and memoralizing your story about how you took part in one of the greatest outpouring of human love and unity that the world has ever seen. – Carla Hall

Ideas Generate Growth

Each Idea, no matter how wonky you think it is, has the capacity to put you in an expanded state of consciousness. Once you become aware, then you grow in every area of life. 

Ideas Generate Wealth

Think and Grow Rich (Hill), with every IDEA comes the potential for failure, and with failure the seed of success. Henry Ford was said to have failed 10,000 times before he succeeded. Ideas generate wealth. 

Ideas Generate Leaders

Ideas Generate the Mastermind of Momentum. The #marchonwashington was a prime example of how a single idea, fueled with passion and emotion, can turn into a monumental event in History. 

Ideas Generate Solutions

Ideas generate solutions. Without the consistent growth and flow of ideas, we remain in a state of chaos and disorder. Putting our heads together in harmony, helps us share the ideas that drive us forward. 

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